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Hey there friends and neighbors, brothers and sisters, and all the rest of you too! Thanks for stopping by to check out our website, We've got calendars and contact info as well as some music you can grab for free. Of course, you can get some info on ordering our CDs too. Check it out, browse around, and give us some feedback on what you might want to see here. Thanks very much, and come see us!

Hired Hands

(this is a poster from Hired Hands' performances in the Calaway Series concerts at Colorado Mountain College in Glenwood Springs. The picture is by Tom Munch, the quote is from a review by Melody Romancito of the Taos News. To access a plain copy of this photo, go here.)

Don Richmond brings to the stage an instrumental ability that regularly stuns other top musicians. His competence on guitars, mandolin, fiddle, banjo, pedal steel, trumpet, harmonica etc. is focal to his singing and song writing expertise.

Billy Bond Jr. is known throughout the bluegrass and folk musician community in the region for his powerful voice, excellent dobro and rhythm guitar skills and potent stage presence.

Jim Bradley has dragged a Fender bass to every extreme of the North American continent and in over 30 years of playing has brought home a foundation for the assorted country, folk, rock and blues flavors to be relished in any Hired Hands show.

As their name implies, Hired Hands is a collaboration of seasoned, working talent. Individually and collectively the musical experience of this northern New Mexico - southern Colorado trio spans decades and brings with it a professionalism and versatility that regularly satisfies crowds of many ages and preferences.

Three voices, six hands, more instruments than most states allow. Currently under investigation by the musicians union for "playing in excess" - Hired Hands

Bio Information

Hired Hands is a trio of multi-talented musicians based in Taos, New Mexico, who deliver an eclectic blend of country oriented music, from folk ballads to hot swing tunes, with some bluegrass, cajun, two-steps, waltzes and R&B in beteween. Hired Hands performs this wide ranging repertoire with a primarily acoustic instrumentation including two acoustic guitars, mandolin, fiddle, banjo and harmonica as well as electric bass, all backing up their strong solo and harmony vocals.

Jim Bradley provides the foundation for Hired Hands on bass guitar as well as covering harmony vocals. Jim is widely recognized as one of the top bassists in the region and is in demand for both recording and performing dates. His powerful rhythmic and percussive playing provide the pulse for Hired Hands' energetic acoustic rhythms.

Billy Bond, Jr. was one of Hired Hands' founding members in 1992 who later left the band, then returned in 2001 after Eddy Lee left the group. Billy is a former member of the Rocky Top Bluegrass Band and Rock Bottom Band. He is featured instrumentally on dobro and rhythm guitar and shares lead vocal duties with Don, as well as covering harmonies.

Don Richmond rounds out Hired Hands lineup. Don provides much of the instrumental variety that keeps audiences engaged, performing on guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, and harmonica in any Hired Hands show (and sometimes in the same song). Don also covers lead and harmony vocals.

Contact Info:

Don Richmond

bulletP.O. Box 825 Alamosa CO 81101
bullete-mail DonRichmond@worldnet.att.net  
bulletphone 719-589-6360 or 1-800-689-7786 (use for CD orders))
bulletmore stuff on Don, Howlin' Dog Records and HD Recording, etc at www.donrichmond.com and www.howlindogrecords.com

Billy Bond, Jr.

bullet3019 La Questa, Prescott, AZ 86305
bullete-mail billy-bond@leavitt.com
bulletphone 928-443-7768

Jim Bradley

bulletP.O. Box 6421 Taos NM 87571
bulletphone 505-758-1463

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